A New Coin For IoT Marketplaces Ecosystem


EosChain is the next platform to tokenizing IoT transaction by decentralized crypto assets based on ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract and adopting the "characteristics" of EOS fast and reliable peer-to-peer transaction between the clients. As EosChain backed by Ex-iOS developer and few of Crypto Advisors from China, we could make this project a bright future.

The Problems

Information lacks openness and transparency.

Information and financial security can not be guaranteed.

Centralization impedes the development of payment methods and platform intelligentization.

The Solutions


Blockchain provides a credible decentralized trading environment for IoT market. It ensures that the IoT Transactions process is not manipulated, and provides a foundation for diversified information on which collective intelligence depends.

Crowd-sourced Wisdom

It is more Fast and reliable than the traditional IoT Transaction methods to deal with a clients by gathering the wisdom of crowds and then to help people make decisions.

Value Driven

Through the incentive mechanism, make the IoT produce value and motivates the participants to express their own cloud based projects, greatly reducing the Cost and maximizing the advantages of socialized IoT.

Fairness & Justness

The open, transparent, and tamper-resistant IoT Transactions process is monitored by the masses and thus guarantees the fairness of the market. Through the arbitration mechanism, it can prevent the initiator from interfering with the market order and promote the healthy operation of the IoT market.



A new coin for IoT ecosystem

Total Supply: 24,000,000

Circulating Supply: 6,000,000

The rest of 18,000,000 is remain frozen and will be distributed 20% once a year to maintain the ecosystem

Our Internal Holder Pre-Sale has ended Successfully during Shanghai Beijing Fintech & Blockchain Event 2018
Prices: $0.3 / EOC

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